Eye Care

Here at Calissa, we believe that the right eye care products are vital within an effective skincare routine. It’s always good to get ahead of the game with under-eye anti-aging - whether it’s eye gel, eye balm, moisturisers, eye treatment, eye drops, eye serum, eye cream, or anything else that is designed to help alleviate fine lines, appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sensitive skin, dry skin, dry eyes, etc. If you’re looking for hydrating or brightening products for your delicate eye area, then why not explore our eyecare range; tailored specifically to help with this. With ingredients such as retinol, vitamin c, hyaluronic acid and free radicals, your skin will be looking fresh and radiant. No matter the skin type, skin concern, or skin tone, we have you covered.

Some of our bestseller eye care products include...

Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream 15ml - One of the best and most effective ways to give your face a healthier, more youthful appearance, is by focusing your attention on the area around your eyes. Vitamin C and 3-O technology penetrate deep into the skin to prevent the formation of dark spots and wrinkles without causing irritation.

Haeckels Eye Bright Contour 15ml - A 100% natural eye contour which helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye; combatting the signs of aging. This treatment also provides light moisture and antioxidants for the skin. The formulation is soft and cooling to use and only requires a small amount to be used on each application.

D R Harris Crystal Eye Gel 30ml - A clear product that’s capable of significant reduction of puffiness and discolouration; even targeting fine lines and wrinkles with similarly impressive results. Formulated with cucumber, witch hazel and rose water, this gel is a truly luxurious means of getting effective refreshment that can be seen and felt.

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes 15ml - Helps fight the early signs of aging that form around the eyes. Soy Peptide and Rice Bran extracts increase blood flow and hydration levels, helping to firm up the skin and reduce any swelling. Jojoba and Apricot Kernel oil moisturises the skin to keep it soft and supple, whilst retaining elasticity. Seaweed extract promotes an even golden glow, and Organic Red Tea provides a powerful antioxidant effect to protect the skin.

Whatever your skin type, here at Calissa, you’re sure to find the perfect Eye Care product suited your needs. Shop the full range today and notice the visible difference in no time!