Haircare specialists Rahua was founded by Fabian Lliguin, a renowned hairstylist and colourist who discovered the incredible benefits of Rahua oil on a trip to the Amazon rainforest. The noticeable benefits of this oil inspired him to create a range of haircare products, and so, Rahua was born. The entire range is vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free and ethical. Lligiun is dedicated to supporting indigenous tribes and the Amazon rainforest so you can truly enjoy this eco-conscious range. These natural hair care products are perfect for using as hair treatment, with a big focus on natural styling and providing effective skincare to your scalp.

All of the hair products that Rahua have created have specific uses. The voluminous shampoo, voluminous conditioner and voluminous dry shampoo have been formulated to work on strengthening the hair, as well as giving it a volume boost. Antioxidants within these products reduce oil production for healthy head. The hydration shampoo & conditioner are able to replenish the driest and thirstiest of hair. The classic shampoo and classic conditioner were created for all hair types, an enriching and luxurious range of products. Then there is the Omega 9 hair mask, which is perfect for strengthening and repairing damaged and dull hair.

Some of Rahua’s best selling haircare products include...

Rahua Hydration Conditioner 275ml - Created to replenish the driest and thirstiest hair. Scented with the tropical aromas of passion fruit and mango, this hydrating conditioner leaves hair feeling healthier, smoother and shinier.

Rahua Cream Wax 68ml - Sculpt and define with this Cream Wax from Rahua, suitable for adding height and definition to shorter styles whilst it can also be used to help keep longer hair manageable. Formulated with Carnauba Wax to provide staying power whilst rinsing out easily. Offer easy re-workability.

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray 124ml - This hair spray creates effortless, care-free beach waves. Featuring organic Aloe Vera, creates featherweight texture.

Rahua Classic Conditioner 275ml - An enriching, luxurious and award-winning product that is suitable for all hair types. Formulated with omega-9 rich Rahua oils which act as a detangler and exotic extracts maintain strong hair and healthy scalp.

Rahua Elixir 30ml - Rejuvenate and revitalise your hair with this Elixir from Rahua. This pure Amazonian oil treatment repairs over-processed, dry and porous hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and healthy.

Rahua Smoothing Hair Balm 17g - A nourishing, anti-frizz balm that moisturises and soothes dry hair. Its smaller travel size makes it the perfect product to touch up whilst on the go. Scented with enchanting gardenia enfleurage oil, the lightweight and strengthening formula adds shine and enhances hair colour.

Rahua Leave-In Treatment 60ml - Satisfy thirsty strands, tame frizz, stray hairs and elevate shiny softness with this treatment. Works as a perfect heat-protector, prior to blow drying - working as a treatment when heat is applied. Full of essential oils from the Amazon Rainforest. Acts as an effective moisturiser for dry and/or damaged hair.

Rahua Shower Gel 275ml - An uplifting, pure plant-derived shower gel that gently cleanses and moisturises the skin. Featuring the invigorating scents of lavender, eucalyptus and vanilla, it removed dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Rahua Voluminous Shampoo 275ml - Beautiful body and bounce can be yours thanks to the Rahua Voluminous Shampoo. The natural and organic formula cleanses your hair whilst boosting volume. Fragrant and organic citrus juices cleanse hair and extend its fresh feeling. Pairs excellently with the Rahua Voluminous Conditioner.

Come and explore the full range of Rahua hair products we have here on Calissa, and improve your overall wellness and hair quality.