Sun & Tanning

Sun and Tanning

Prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun causes your skin a multitude of problems, from the surface levels signs of ageing to some more serious health problems you want to avoid at all costs. It is believed that 90% of all the early signs of ageing that people suffer from are caused by extensive exposure to the sun. This includes skin aging, discoloration of the skin, dry and cracked patches, skin damage and blemishes. We also know that cumulative sun exposure and UV radiation can cause the risk of skin cancer so it is vital that you get the best protection possible.

When equipping yourself with products to best safeguard you from these dangers, you need to make sure you’re investing in products that protect you from UV-A and UV-B rays. When you see a product that references SPF (Sun Protection Factor), this is referring to that product's ability to protect you from UV-B rays. Make sure you check the fine print for UV-A protection. Essentially melanin is the brown pigment which causes tanning and although we enjoy the glow it can also cause serious damage.

Here at Calissa we are well aware of the dangers posed by UV-A and UV-B rays and so we make sure to stock products that offer you the protection you need to stay looking beautiful out in the sun. From brands like Ultrasun and Institut Esthederm, who know the suncare game well.

Ultrasun have a wide range of suncare products, including Ultrasun Eye Physical UV Eye Protection SPF30 to protect your eyes against sun damage. This product will help protect your eyes from UV rays whilst warding off the signs of aging. As we know eyes are one of the first places wrinkles appear so it's important they are protected.

They also offer specific sun protection for sensitive skin. Ultrasun Extreme Very High Sun Protection Sensitive Skin SPF 50+ is formulated for intense conditions and sensitive complexions. The patented liposome technology means that only one application a day is needed to ensure long-lasting, high level, water resistant protection from UVA rays, UVB rays and infrared A rays. As it contains no perfumes, emulsifiers or preservatives it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Whatever your skin type we will have the perfect product for you whether you want a gel, spray or suncream so if you are sun tanning you know you are safe and protected against the damage sunburn can cause.

We also want to offer you products that can rehydrate your skin following sun exposure. Aftersun should be as much part of your skincare routine as sunscreen is. Institut Esthederm are leaders in the skin and suncare sectors and their AfterSun Repair Firming Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream is the perfect way to give your skin the hydration it needs along with protection against wrinkles. This repairing complex protects the collagen structure of your skin whilst preserving the pigmentation and soothing skin to avoid any discontent.

To help you get the sun-kissed look, but without the dangers commonly involved with sun exposure and tanning beds, we also stock a range of self-tanning products and accessories. Dr Dennis Alpha Beta Glow Pad, Sienna X Q10 Self Tan Tinted Misted, and Xen-Tan Deluxe Tanning Mitt to name a few.

Dermatologists say that it is important to wear SPF everyday (not just in Summer) as your skin is exposed to UV rays all the time and not only does it protect against skin cancer but also from an ageing point of view in the long term. This is regardless of your skin type and skin tone. Take a look through our wide-range of products so you can have a healthy, youthful complexion that is always protected.