Hair perfumes are the new way to leave a scent behind that lasts. Unlike normal eau de parfum which can in fact damage your hair and dry it out, hair perfumes are formulated to reduce static and add shine. They offer you a quick fix solution to get fresh hair whilst giving you a dose of your favourite parfum in a much more affordable way. There is often different names for these products like fragrance sprays, hair mist, musk but no matter what as long as its hair products the hair scent is up to you to decide. Some people prefer floral fragrances, like patchouli or argan oil but those essential oils are important for keeping your hair nice and shiny and smelling nice throughout the day.

Sachajuan protective hair perfume has a range of positive benefits found within this multi-purpose fragrance mist. With the signature scent that is light and gentle and instantly freshens, it has anti-odor technology which breaks down molecules for a completely revitalized long-lasting hair fragrance.

Haircare products don't get much better than this.