Brushes & Combs


Brushes and Combs

For all natural hair care fanatics, equipping yourself with a good quality brush and comb is imperative. We all know bruising can help tame hair, getting rid of knots and flyaways. But brushing can also cleanse your hair, by brushing away waste materials that get caught in there throughout the day. Brushing can condition and strengthen your hair by better distributing natural sebum oil your body creates. It can also help prevent hair loss by massaging the scalp, boosting blood flow and circulation.

But for these benefits, you can't just use any old hairbrush or comb. You need to invest in the best quality brushes and combs. Ones that use the best quality material and the most effective designs and features.

Here on our Brushes and Combs page on Calissa, you’ll find a range of different style brushes and combs from a range of different brands. Whilst each may offer different benefits and haircare action, each offers the best possible experience and nourishment for your hair.

From hair brush behemoth, Mason Pearson, you have access to a range of hair brushes that offer high-quality action mixed with a vintage English design. Mason Pearson started making these brushes back in the 1800s and they have continually grown in popularity despite still being the same basic design. Their signature feature is the rubber cushioned pad, which allows their natural, boar hair bristles to contour to the shape of your head as you brush, meaning its softer on the scalp.

You’ll also find Cricket brushes, which help you gain complete styling control thanks to their unique designs. Like their vented brushes that allow for greater air flow to hair roots as you brush, making creating volume as easy as 123.

Take a look for yourself and discover a brush and comb perfect for your hair care.