Home Fragrance

Fill your home with luxurious scents courtesy of our selection of home fragrances. It truly is the perfect way to create a welcoming ambiance and put the finishing touch to a room. A quality home scent goes a long way towards creating a sense of well-being so that's why we have hand selected some of the finest candles, diffusers and sprays.

It really is a good idea to choose quality candles as you know the fragrance will have been properly layered into the candle and the quality of the wax will also mean it burns for longer. The L:A BRUKET candles are a prime example of this, with the wax coming from organic soy and being hand poured into mouth blown glasses by skilled craftsmen. The rich scent and glass design brings a wonderful ambiance to any room. Some of the candles will boost your energy when you are feeling tired and weary, while others will help you relax and unwind. They also have an incredible burn time of more than 45 hours. It's no wonder they're some of our bestsellers.

Reed diffusers are perfect if you want more control over how strong the scent will be, or have concerns about the safety of burning candles. It also means your room will constantly be enveloped in the delicious scent you choose. The bottles are filled with essential oils, the scent of which is then distributed through clever rattan reeds which have been inserted into the bottle. The MOR reed diffusers are made from exceptional quality oils that give a stronger scent for longer making it a bestselling product. Sadly you can't refill but they do give a much better performance than most other room diffusers. It will most likely become a home accessory you can't live without or, if you feel like sharing an excellent luxury gift.

You can also experience the power of home perfume, with room sprays which are the ultimate accessory to personalise, scent and create style in any space. Enliven any room to by giving it a lifting spray as and when you think it needs it. Definitely something for your wishlist.

Whether its notes of patchouli, pomegranate, lavender or jasmine, we have a home fragrance suitable for any room and any occasion. Homecare is about to become as important as your skincare routine so make sure you don't skip this section.