Hair Toner


Colour Enhancing

For a truly life-changing hair colour transformation, going to a salon and getting a dye done by a professional is really the only sure-fire option you have. Some brands and products may claim to offer salon level results at home, but if and when things go wrong, you’ll have one hell of a hair colour mess on your hands (and head).

But just because a full permanent hair dye is best left outside the home, that doesn't mean you can’t do a little colour work yourself to help refresh your hair and reinvigorate your appearance.

On our Colour and Toner page, you’ll find all the products we stock that give you the ability to brighten dulling tones, refresh fading colour vibrancy, and mask any grey roots that are ruining your hairs complexion and colour.

With high-performance products from established and premium brands like Colour Wow, Kerastase, Nourkrin, and Shu Uemura, worrying about your hairs colour is something you won't have to deal with for much longer.

With their range of products, you can eliminate brassy tones and brighten up blonde shades, intensify red colours whilst enhancing their shine, and allow fading brunettes to fight back encroaching grey roots and regain its lustre.