Scrubs & Exfoliants

Over the course of a single day, your face can get really, really dirty. Everyone's face does. And unless you live in a completely sterilised quarantined bubble, there's really isn't any way to stop that from being the case.

It can vary from place to place but it is always the case. In urbanised city environments your dealing with the pollutants from high levels of traffic and industry action. Outside Of cities, there is less pollution, but you’ll still be transferring dirt and grime from your hands to your face everytime you touch it. There's also the buildup of dead skin cells from when the naturally regenerate to deal with.

All this leads to clogged pores, an excess of oil, and the rise of blemishes and spots which ruin the look of a natural, healthy complexion.

This is why it’s always good to invest in a scrub and/or exfoliant. These sorts of products can deliver a gentle and effective exfoliating action, that rids your skin of the dirt and pollutants that collect on it throughout the day. They can thoroughly unclog pores which will help keep a normal oil balance and reduce the appearance of blemishes and an unnatural uneven tone.

Here you’ll find all the scrubs and exfoliants we stock that can help you keep your face clear of anything that's ruining your natural radiance. From brands like, A’kin, Goldfaden MD, and Carita.