Body Brushes & Sponges


Brushes and Sponges

A brush and/or a sponge during a bath can be great for reaching harder to reach spots, which is reason enough to include one in your daily cleansing rituals. But their benefits don’t stop there. Depending on the type of brush and or sponge you choose to equip yourself with, you can be looking at a completely revamped bathing and skin care ritual.

Depending on the type of bristles or strength of the sponge, by using a brush and/or sponge, you can supply yourself with anything from a gentle to deep and thorough exfoliating action. This will greatly benefit anyone who suffers from a dull looking skin, clogged pores, excess oil build-up, and dry patches of skin. Exfoliating will help to rid the skin of dead cell, impurities and dirt clogging pores, and prevent a build-up of oils that cause blemishes.

Hydrea London Provide many types of brushes and sponges that are superb at providing this sort of exfoliating action. Hydrea London has also developed a range of body massagers that provide nourishment beyond the surface level. Made of high-quality wood, these handheld massage blocks can be rubbed over the body to help improve the circulation and flow of blood and, by extension, oxygen, around the body. This helps ensure all the vitamins and minerals in your system are getting around the body more effectively, getting them exactly where they need to go.

Take a look around our brushes and sponges section to discover a little more about the benefits some bath time tools can provide to your body.