Concealer is an important part of the makeup routine. It's normally used to cover up dark circles, blemishes, dark spots, undertones, fine lines and anything else that you want coverage of. Most of the time you go one shade darker than your skin type so that when you mix it in with your foundation it gives a brightening effect. A lot of people get liquid concealer however you are able to get pencil concealers. Concealer is good for dry skin as it acts like a filler to the bits of dry skin. Concealer gives a natural finish to your makeup rather than making you look like a zombie. Most concealers are oil-free and a lot of people use concealer for bags under the eye area. To get full coverage it is best to use a more expensive concealer so that it matches the skin tone perfectly and has a matte effect. The worst thing would be for concealer to be applied and the coverage concealer have no coverage. It's always good to see what kind of concealer you are wanting, as different concealers do different things. The color correcting concealer gets rid of dark circles under the eyes. The eye concealer is specifically for under the eyes and the hydrating corrector, hides fine lines and wrinkles.