We have a small selection of Fragrance's (eau de parfum or eau de toilette is another common name). The women's fragrances are part of the body care range and below to the Brand MOR. It's got a soft scent like a body mist, and the bottles look like they would be home fragrances. These products are nowhere near deodorants as their smell is sweet rather than solid. MOR don't often produce Fragrances they normally produce soaps and home fragrances, as well as some skincare, however these are perfect as gift sets. They keep your body smooth like a moisturisers would but it also keep you smelling nice. These bottles started out as a limited edition bottle, just to try them out and see if people liked them however when customers came to enjoy them, they decided to keep the fragrances and bottles going. Some people enjoy fragrances like jimmy choo, gucci, dior, burberry, chanel, ariana grande's perfume however these fragrances are perfect for anyone who wants a sweet and seductive feminine scent. Even some men will change from cologne to female perfumes because they prefer the smell, so if you want a sweeter smell, then these perfumes are perfect for that. If you want bestselling products then you have come to the right place, as our Rose Noir perfume smells like black opium and feels like an aftershave with the soft spray onto your body.