Body Wash & Gels

Body Wash and Gels

It’s often the simplest things that work best in life. Same goes for skincare in many respects. It’s great to have a routine replete with products, but one of the biggest factors in keeping your skin looking refreshed and healthy is keeping it clean.

Throughout the day your body is going to collect dirt and grime that will sit on the surface and trouble your skin. Free radicals and impurities like nothing more than upsetting your skin's balance for a dull complexion and increased chance of blemishing.

Even during your sleep, you won't be entirely safe from these dangers. You’ll still sweat, your bed sheets can accumulate impurities if you don't wash it regularly, and I think we’re all guilty of, one time or another, not properly washing off our makeup before bed.

A Body wash in the morning and night will help cleanse you of these skin harming free radicals with skin nourishing ingredients. Natural ingredients like pomegranate and chamomile can exfoliate and soothe the skin. Essential oils can provide strong cleansing actions and lock in skin-softening goodness. And invigorating scents can help wake you up, whilst more indulgent aromas can help you drift off.

On our Body Wash and Gels page here on Calissa, we offer a great number of body and skin rejuvenating products that can help keep your body clean and refreshed. Products from well-established premium brands like Prismologie and Dr Alkaitis, to exciting new challenger brands like Stop the Water While Using Me and MOR. And you won’t have to look for long to find products that are replete with natural and organic ingredients form brands that operate in environmentally conscious ways.