Highlighter is a very important part of the makeup industry whether it is loose powder highlighter, highlighter palette, shimmer, illuminator, strobe, liquid highlighter. Whatever is your favourite highlighter it is very important to get the right highlighter, you don't want one that isn't right just because the price range is low. If you are thinking of getting an highlighter the best thing to do is go for a higher priced highlighter, otherwise it just won't be worth it. Skincare is so important, you don't want to break out into acne because the cheaper one wasn't better for your skin type. Whatever face highlighter you use you should always make sure that it matches your skin tone and that it is what you want for either your skin type or even if you want vegan makeup. Some highlighters nowadays have both bronzer and highlighter however we believe to keep them separate is best, I mean bronzer and highlighter are applied in different areas. We have a small selection of highlighters however we believe that they should be skin perfecting, so our small range offers a vegan product as well as them being all different colours, like gold, silver and rose gold.