Body Treatments

Our selection of body treatment extends from essential oils to scalp treatments, dead skin treatment, cellulite treatment, stretch mark treatment, and body exfoliation. Even though we aren't a spa treatment, we can still give you the products for a full body massage like body oil, or skincare products, like detoxifying treatment for cellulite. We have body scrub product that you can use to help reduce scars, hydrate dry skin, exfoliate cellulite, and will leave a relaxing, firming skin feeling.

We have a small selection of body makeup but don't worry because our small selection has a multitude of uses. We have different shades for different skin tones or skin type, we have body foundation, concealer and cover up, which are perfect for hiding stretch marks, varicose veins, spider veins, age spots etc. All of our body makeup products give all day hydration as well as long-lasting body cover effects. Our cover up is perfect leg makeup and can be used as a quick fix to hiding any birthmarks, body blur, blemishes, or any other skin care problem.