Electrical Products



For the very best hair care we find that a good mix of old and new works best. Using a shampoo that makes use of natural ingredients that have been used to nourish people's hair, but has formulated it into a shampoo using the latest scientific formulas. Introduce a little more modernness into your haircare and styling routine by perusing our selection of electrical tools on Calissa’s electrical hair care page.

Here you’ll find a variety of electrical hair dryers that can bring so much more than speedy drying to how you care for and style your hair. Each of which can help boost the look and health of your hair massively.

The quicker hair drying time hair dryers allow for means the less swelling water causes your hair to go through. By reducing the amount of swelling that takes place in the cuticles of each hair when they are wet, your allowing the proteins in your hair to better hold the hairs structure. Meaning better quality hair that is easier to manage and has incredible shine and smoothness.

Blow drying also allows for more styling options, whether you want silky smooth straight hair or hair with vibrant curls and buoyancy.

The hair dryers we stock each boost a range of unique high tech features that represent the best the market has to offer. Different sized and shaped nozzles for different levels and concentrations of air flow, Motors that range from 1810 watts to 1900 Watts, ergonomic designs and portable sizes.