Tattoo Care

Tattoo Care

You've finally got the tattoo but what next? How should you look after it and ensure the tattoo healing process is easy and ends up looking just as fabulous as it should? Well, here at Calissa we have the answers thanks to our amazing aftercare products.

Initially it is important that you obey the healing process and give your new tattoo the time it needs by following the aftercare instructions from your tattoo artist (whatever you do, don't pick those scabs, because the scabbing process is when you have sensitive skin and is the easiest for the tattoo to come off. ) This usually means applying a dressing - quite often clingfilm - then keeping your tattoo clean with non perfumed products and avoiding direct sunlight and tight clothing. Once you get to the stage where you can use moisturizers we have just the products to ensure skin is richly hydrated and nourished. After all skincare is just as important now you're inked as it was before.

L:A BRUKET Tattoo Daily Protection is a natural protective day cream that is infused with blend oils, including avocado oil, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil to keep your skin hydrated at all times. Bacteriostatic protection comes in the form of sage, rosemary and lavender oil - all of which help to cleanse the patterned area and prevent the risk of infections. The formula also contains titanium dioxide which will prevent the dulling or lightening of all colours in your tattoo - it's also suitable as a form of sun protection (although it doesn't contain spf). All you need is a thin layer when exposed to the sun and then reapply as often as necessary.

Keeping your fresh tattoo clean is one of the best tattoo aftercare tips. LA: BRUKET Tattoo Cleanser can be used daily to specifially protect your skin and keen the new tattoo clean. This is thanks to the essential oil of tea tree and lavender which have calming and bacteriostatic properties. Skin will have a protective barrier that blocks excess dirt and oils from reaching your new body art. This is perfect for all skin types and can be used everyday.

If you need to gently buff away dead skins cells that are ruining your skins complexion and the vibrancy of your tattoo then Electric Ink's Exfoliating Body Wash is a sure fire way to get it looking rejuvenated. The Liftonin-Xpert is what helps to reduce the signs of skins redness, inflammation and supports maintenance and intensity of tattoo ink. The red algae extract has anti-pigmenting activity, giving skin a luminous and ultra-refined complexion.

So whether you want protection, definition, or vibrancy, we have products to suit your needs. Tattoo care is by far the most important part of your tattoo journey so make sure you get the best of the best with our tattoo aftercare products.