Acne & Blemish

Blemish and Acne

You’ve finished school, you’re old enough to drink, you no longer live with your parents. Your life is coming together and you’re almost starting to feel like an actual grown up.

And bam, you wake up with the clear signs of acne. This may not have happened to you yet but head my words, just because your no longer in your teens, that doesn't mean you’ll be acne free for the rest of your days.

These unsightly marks come about as a consequence of blocked pores. What’s the cause? Sometimes it will be through a natural build-up of dirt throughout the day. It can also be because your body has started producing more natural oils than usual. Why might your body be doing this?

One big reason is due to a change in your hormones. This is the reason many of us suffer from acne during puberty. This does also mean it will be a problem you can face around pregnancy, perimenopause, or even just after your period.

Stress can also lead to an excess oil production as triggers the release of Cortisol, a hormone which informs the body how much oil to produce. Stress and other factors like sun exposure, and smoking can also cause your pores to enlarge, making them easy to block up.

To help people in the all to real struggle against acne, we like to make sure there's a variety of products available to you that can each help keep the angry red sports at bay. Institut Esthederm’s Intensive Propolis Cream is a light, non-greasy cream you can apply daily to help keep purify your skin and unblock pores, and Australian Bodycare’s Blemish Stick is a quick and easy product you can use to provide a rapid response to last minute breakouts.