A quality shampoo is what’s going to keep your hair clean. It’s going to wash away impurities, free radicals, and the general grime that builds up in everyone's hair naturally over the course of a day. Our wide range of products will help every hair type whether you have coloured hair, damaged hair or an itchy scalp we are here to supply you with the best sellers.

In the shampoo section of our hair care category, you’ll find all the product types we stock from a variety of different brands. From premium brands that have managed to stay at the top of the hair care food chain with hair-nourishing formulas that they have developed over the years, to the new exciting challenger brands that are using the newest technologies and latest ingredients to carve themselves a place in the hair care industry.

We make sure our range represents the varying needs of the consumer because all hair needs the very best in shampoo based cleansing and nourishment. If your hair is crying out for bounce and vitality then the Evo Gluttony Volumising shampoo will give you that and more. With a gentle formula containing UVA & UVB protection this is a fuss-free weightless cleanser. If you want to keep that colour locked in then Framesi Morphosis colour protect shampoo will prevent deterioration whilst the shea butter will hydrate and leave it feeling undeniably soft. For hair loss try Nioxin who are renound for boosting hair thickness and growth. With advanced technologies breakage is reduced whilst hair's resilience is increased.

They say time is money so that is why we have also got you the the best selection of dry shampoos. Make styling flat, lifeless hair easier with one of these essential pick me ups. Get instantly fresher hair without the need for water and add some fragrant notes whilst you're at it.

We have all of the every-day essentials along with products that are suitable for sensitive skin, contain Argan or are sulphate free.

After you've used one of the shampoos try to follow on with a Framesi Morphosis colour protect shampoo conditioner or hair treatment to keep locks moisturised and frizz free. As we all know our hair care is just as important as our skin care!