Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best one - advice that can be applied to all walks of life. Advice that, according to Sachajuan, should be applied to the Skincare and Haircare industry. Every part of the Sachajuan brand falls in line with this ‘simplicity is best’ ideology, everything from their list of ingredients to their packaging.

Sachajuan’s products contain only the bare essentials that are needed to produce the very best results. There’s nothing else thrown in to try and complicate things. Even with this cut down list of ingredients, Sachajuan still manage to produce quality results that amaze. Their products will nourish, hydrate, volumise, moisturise, cleanse, refresh, and revitalise; giving you the healthy youthful look that you deserve.

Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind created the brand in Stockholm, Sweden that was able to help with specific hair types and hair care problems, allowing everyone to have beautiful hair with their Ocean Silk Technology.

Some of Sachajuan’s best sellers include...

Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo 100ml - This moisturizing shampoo is specially formulated for dry, itchy scalps that need relief from irritation. Piroctone Olamine and Climbazone will help to remove dandruff without the usual medicinal scent.

Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner 250ml - Ideal for thinner hair types, this moisturizing conditioner is perfect for adding swishy majesty to your hair by keeping it equal measures glossy, silky, and most importantly, healthy. Combining marine and mineral extracts within the unique Ocean Silk Technology present in this conditioner, it will moisturise, soften and strengthen your hair for a natural, healthy look.

Sachajuan Hair Paste 75ml - Get a strong and flexible hold with this Hair Paste from Sachajuan. Creating undeniable texture and shine this is the ultimate finishing product for all hair types. Enriched with Algae based extracts, this lightweight paste offers the flexibility of hair cream whilst giving you the same hold as gel. Achieve that ‘bedhead’ look in seconds.

Sachajuan Strong Control Hairspray 300ml - Lock hair into place with this Strong Control Spray from Sachajuan. Dimethicone works to smooth hair’s appearance, while the combination of algae and mineral extracts build strength for a stronger look.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume 50ml - Comfort and protect your hair with a range of positive benefits found within this multi-purpose Hair Perfume by Sachajuan. It also has a delicately fresh fragrance. Moisturises, reduces static, and supplies extra shine and colour protection to your hair - all in a simple few sprays.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo 250ml - Get that bouncy blow dry finish with this Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo. Hair that is lacking in texture will be given a surge of volume, strength and structure. Lifeless locks will be rejuvenated, with fortified strands.

Sachajuan Volume Powder Spray 200ml - If you’re looking to give a little more positive presence to your hair, then look no further. This Powder Spray supplies volume, structure and a fresh matte finish. Any excess oil found at the root of the hair will be absorbed, preventing greasiness.

Sachajuan Hair Repair Treatment 100ml - Give frazzled hair intense hydration with this Hair Repair Treatment from Sachajuan. Creating strength and manageability, this is the ultimate product for hair that has suffered the effects of too much styling and heat treatment. Hair will feel nourished and manageable with luminous shine.

Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo 250ml - Adds volume and silky shine to your hair to give it some uplifting spirit. Provides next level cleansing and nourishing with Ocean Silk Technology.

Sachajuan Intensive Repair Conditioner 250ml - If you love getting out in the sun, but find it’s causing your hair to become damaged and dry, we recommend using the Intensive Repair Conditioner from Sachajuan. It will nourish it back to full health whilst protection from further exposure. This conditioner penetrates the hair follicle to restore any damage, and remains locked in to provide future UV protection.

Sachajuan Hair Wax 75ml - Use this styling product to add texture and control, and whatever styling you desire to your hair, all while providing moisture and conditioning hair! Suitable for all hair types, this styling wax is a non-greasy, pliable formula, so quick adjustments throughout the day are always an easy option. The marine algae and mineral extracts allow this wax to nourish as well as style.

Sachajuan Colour Protect Conditioner 250ml - Protect darker, colour treated hair, whilst keeping your locks supple, strong, bouncy, shiny, and easy to manage by using this Colour Protect Conditioner from Sachajuan. By adding a UV protection shield, darker tones of colour treated hair will be protected from fading and losing life.

Come and explore the full range of haircare products from Sachajuan, and upgrade your hair grooming routine today!