Mason Pearson


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Mason Pearson Brushes was designed over 130 years ago in the peak of the Industrial Revolution. Mason Pearson, the engineer and inventor started his career by designing wool processing looms however a couple of years later he joined a partnership and started a small business of general small-brush making, where all of the brushes were handmade. He created a machine that sped up the process of brush making aid and in 1885 he received a Silver medal at the International inventions exhibit in London. In the same year he invented the rubber-cushion mason pearson hairbrush. After Mason Pearson passed away his business was continued by his family, and since then they have kept going upwards. They have created multiple types of bristles including boar bristle, nylon bristles and Pure bristles. The boar bristle hair brush is the more traditional brush, it's what was used before nylon bristles existed. They help to gently massage your scalp, increasing the blood flow, encouraging hair growth and creating thicker, longer hair, these are perfect for thin and fine hair. The nylon hair brush is better for detangling hair especially thicker hair.

They now have the mason pearson pocket brushes, which are perfect to take away, they can easily fit in your backpacks or handbags, and you don't need to worry about it breaking. The boar bristle brush is a popular brush for Mason Pearson and they have an array of hair accessories depending on your hair type. The nylon brush is a good detangler brush, and no matter whether your styling your hair, whether you want good hair care or if you simply want to detangle it, Mason Pearson has a brush for you.