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As a brand, Carita has become synonymous with beauty. Firstly amongst their early subscribers in Paris, then shortly afterwards throughout the entire world. Thanks to their diverse products that each offer a unique skin or hair nourishing action, which will ultimately lead to a younger and healthier looking you, Carita will often be the only brand many people use for their skin care and hair care regime.

Originating in the House of Beauty, 11 Faubourg St Honore in Paris, Carita was conceived from the minds of the Carita sisters. The original Artisans of Beauty. With their knowledge and skills, they developed high-performance products and treatments for body, face, and hair that reveals the true and unique beauty of each and every woman.

Their method for developing these premium products follows three simple steps.


Ensure the skin and hair are free of all impurities, free radicals, and traces of dirt and grime. For skincare and haircare products to provide their moisturising, nourishing, hydrating, and enriching benefits, they need a clean canvas to work on.


Correct imbalanced skin and hair at its very core. Correcting this imbalance right at the source will help keep hair and skin soft and supple, easy to manage, not overly oily or completely lacking in natural nourishing oil, and prevent these problems occurring in the future.

Protect and dynamise

Give skin and hair extra protection. This protection will help to prevent any problems that arise from environmental stressors and the natural accumulation of impurities throughout the day.

Check out Carita for yourself and discover the power of The Artisans of Beauty.