Haeckels seaweed and thalassotherapy is the forefront of this sustainable skincare brand. Using natural ingredients found locally to their store in Margate, Kent, Dom Bridges and his team are able to create beneficial and natural products for their customers to love all year round. Focusing on their love for the oceans Haeckels offer a variety of products starting with simple lip balms and working their way to bath salts. Whatever product your searching for let Haeckels tempt you with natural skincare and see what it can do for you.

Seaweed is known across the skincare industry for its hydrating and cleansing properties. A bestseller from this UK brand would be the Exfoliating Seaweed Block 160g. This vegan friendly must have will buff away any impurities found on the skin before leaving you with a soft layer of skin that will be deeply nourished and refreshed. It's subtle scent is gender neutral and carries you off into dreamland, think summer holiday only all year round from the comfort of your bathroom.

Sticking with local ingredients we have theSeaweed & Fennel Hand Cleanser 250ml. This classy shaped bottle will look good on anyones kitchen or bathroom counter, say goodbye to harsh synthetic hand soap and hello to locally sourced botanicals. Rich in vitamin B and Sodium this cleanser works to repair damaged skin, provide hydration and of course clean.

Moving onto bodycare, Bladderwrack + Buckthorn Body Cleanser 300ml is perfect for brightening any shower experience. Formulated with tea tree to repair the skin after a long day and rapeseed oil to quickly be absorbed to the lower layers of skin providing all of the nourishment needed for soft and healthy looking skin.

If skincare isn't your thing but Haeckels is, why not try their range of candles that come in a variety of unique scents, some include Botany Bay GPS Candle 270g, Pluviophile Rain Candle 270g and Reculver GPS Candle 270g. All come in a sleek glass container and wooden box - even when the wax has melted away the glass is reusable emphasizing the ethical ways of the brand.