Most skincare products on the market are designed and developed with the goal of trying to tackle a specific problem you may be dealing with in relation to your skin. You’ve got cleansers to cleanse, washes to wash, exfoliators to exfoliate, and moisturisers to moisturise. Masks are a little different however.

Skincare masks aren’t designed and developed with one skincare problem in mind. Rather they are developed to provide you with a treatment who’s application is easy, fuss-free, and effective. Simply put it on. Get on with whatever you want to get on with. Then remove. Using a range of nourishing and nutritious ingredients, these masks can help you to develop more healthy and youthful looking skin after just a single application.

Masks are good for hydrating, firming, brightening, and contouring the face. We sell different types of masks for different skin types like our eye masks, sleeping mask, sheet mask, peel off mask, hydrating mask, pink clay mask, facial masks, hydrating face mask and so many other different types of masks that can help with dry skin, blemishes, and oily skin as well as many other skin types. Our products have ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin c to help your skin hydrate all year round.

They take advantage of active ingredients like Olive Oil and Aloe Vera which will provide the skin with a gentle soothing sensation and moisture to keep skin hydrated. Natural Green tea extracts that can be used to calm overly oily skin and provide powerful antioxidant nourishment. And Collagen helps to promote the healthy regeneration of cells, encouraging your body to replace old damaged skin cells with new cells that are stronger, firmer and healthier.

Discover the offering from brands such as Skin & Tonic, Magic Stripes, and Carita, here on Calissa

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