A quality shampoo is what’s going to keep your hair clean. It’s going to wash away impurities, free radicals, and the general grime that builds up in everyone's hair naturally over the course of a day.

But everyone's hair is different, and while they all need to be cleaned regularly, we often need it in different ways and along with other unique nourishing benefits to keep our hair at its best.

In the shampoo section of our hair care category, you’ll find all the shampoo we stock from a variety of different brands. From premium brands that have managed to stay at the top of the haircare food chain with hair-nourishing formulas that they have developed over the years, to new exciting challenger brands that are using the newest technologies and latest ingredients to carve themselves a place in the haircare industry.

We make sure our range represents the varying needs of the consumer and all the types of hair that need the very best in shampoo based cleansing and nourishment. There is lightweight high foam Shampoos from Redken for curly hair that doesn't want to lose its shape. Reparative shampoo from AlfaParf that uses natural ingredients like Bamboo Marrow and Linseed extract to cleanse hair that is broken and damaged, giving it back its vibrancy. Scalp calming shampoo from Kerastase that cleans hair whilst soothing easily irritable scalps, for a refreshing look and feeling.

This is just a fraction of what we offer. We’ve Shampoos that can offer volume, texture, smoothness, shine, manageability and impressively deep cleaning actions. No matter what type of shampoo you’re looking for for your hair care collection, you’ll be able to find it here.