As far as we’re concerned, Haircare is right up their with skin care, in terms of importance to having a natural healthy look. You can opt to use traditional styling methods like colour dying or using curling wands, but we prefer to take a similar approach with hair as we do with our skin.

That approach being natural, healthy, haircare. And that's what you’ll find here. A huge range of products from premium brands and daring challenger brands that help you to keep your hair nourished and protected for a beautiful healthy looking you.

There's shampoo’s from Kerastase, rich with essential oils to cleanse and create show-stopping shine. Conditioners from Elgon containing nutrients to help bring an end to split ends and hair that is hard to manage. Serums and oils from Rahua that will hydrate and moisturise for hair that is soft to the touch.

But we’re not just about products that will keep your hair looking healthy. Here you’ll also find products that can end extra style to your hair. From foams that will create defined curls, masques that add volume and texture, and sprays that will produce sleek straightness.

As we believe in natural beauty here at Calissa, we like to stock as many brands as we can that promote natural beauty, with natural products, that contain natural Ingredients. No nasty synthetic ingredients that end up doing damage to your hair in the long term.

Ingredients that are harvested from sustainable sources. Because if they’re good for our health, we want to be sure we don’t run out of them.