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Why grow out your grey hair?

Why is it a positive thing to have silver hair? Why grow out your grey hair? The first thing to consider and a common question is how does grey hair work? How does your hair become grey?

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Stand Out Beauty Favourites by Whyhellobeauty

With a serious passion for skincare, Emily is a digital content creator at Why Hello Beauty as well as a qualified nail technician working at the boutique studio Nails.Edited.

During her time as an internationally-respected beauty blogger, Emily has collaborated on the digital launches for illustrious brands; Sephora Australia, SK II and Charlotte Tilbury.

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Earth Day 2020

On Wednesday, April 22, over 20 million people walked out onto the streets of the United States and protested the environmental ignorance that was happening all over the world, and demanded that something changed to help make the world last for the future generations. Senator gaylord Nelson helped to produce Earth Day as he has a politician who founded earth day because of his awareness of environmental issues, global warming and climate change and therefore the first Earth day happened. Earth day has always been interested about raising more awareness of planet earth and how to look after it. This includes creating campaigns like the great global cleanup where on Earth day you clean up your area from plastic, wrappers this helps to get rid of the plastic pollution that is plaguing our seas and killing innocent animals. There are also teach-ins that include a series of lecture and discussions that allows people from children to adults to learn more about climate change, to hear about environmental protection and to see what can be done by individuals like themselves to help out the planet a bit more.

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St Patricks Day Outfit Womens

St Patrick's day is a that many people celebrate all over the world. When Saint Patrick died on March 17th , Ireland decided to dedicate a day to the person who ministered Christianity during the 5th Century, since then it has become a celebration in many parts of the world with Irish decent. Many people wear an item of green during that day and will throw parties with Irish food and drinks, many of which are dyed green. Some of these food and drink items include, Irish brown bread, Corned beef and cabbage, Beef and Guinness pie and Irish coffee. Some people will plan a pilgrimage to St Patrick's purgatory and in doing so they in doing so they create spiritual healing, something that has been done since the 13th century. St Patrick's day is a national holiday in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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