Bath & Body


Body and Bath

Here you'll find possible some of the most indulgent, relaxing, and mind-calming products we have available at Calissa. Here is where you will find all the wonderful products we stock that you can use when you are indulging in a little you time, in the bath and shower, that will help to keep your body nourished and loved.

From products that get right down to business and offer unparalleled nourishing and cleansing benefits to more indulgent products that allow you to take a break, relax, and replenish your mind and soul, a much as your body.

Compagnie De Provence’s Marseille style Hard Soaps takes the best of traditional soap making and mixes it with the best cutting-edge formulas and natural ingredients for a soap that thoroughly cleanse the skin without being too tough on it.

Hydrea’s Natural Cotton Exfoliating Gloves allow you to exfoliate and wash every part of the body without using clunky brushes and sponges, whilst also massaging tired and aching muscles.

Aromatherapy Associates’ Bath oils will allow you to immerse yourself in the cleansing and soothing powers of Aromatherapy. Their use of potent essential oils provide moisturising and hydrating benefits to the skin, can soothe tired and overworked muscles, clear blocked sinuses, and help to calm down a stressed-out mind.

You owe yourself the time to look around and discover products that will turn your bath time regime into an indulgence.