Our lip care products is wide and varied we have products like lip balm, lip scrub, lip mask, lip treatment, lip butter, lip balm spf, moisturizing lip balm, lip gloss, lip serum, lip moisturizer, tinted lip balm, lip oil, natural lip balm and these products do a lot of different things they help chapped lips, they act like a sunscreen for your lips (with a spf factor including spf 30), they are hydrating and moisturizing so that your lips can feel as good as new.

LipCare is just as important as skin care, if you have dry lips you would want something like a hydrating lip balm, if you have dead skin you would want chapstick to give you soft lips. Some of our lip care has a shimmer, some have sun protection like spf 15 so your lips don't get damaged in the sun, some are good for anti-aging, so no matter the skin type or the skin concern you will find a lip care product that will hydrate your lips and leave them looking brand new.

Some of our products contain these specific but popular ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, aloe, vitamin e and cocoa butter so that you can feel like your having lip therapy.

Interested in something else?

Don't worry we sell other products like foundation and nail polish (in our makeup section), spf sunscreen and gift sets (in our living section), conditioner (in our haircare section), vegan products and deodorant (in our bath & body section)