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Prismologie Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant 75ml
Prismologie Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant 75ml
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Hand Scrub's are so important for exfoliating the dead skin away, and for moisturizing the dry skin. Our selection of hand scrubs have essential oil's that exfoliates the cuticles, helping the dead skin cells to fall off without building up to much. These Hand Scrubs are perfect for those with sensitive skin and act like a hand cream and an exfoliator put together. Although the Hand Scrubs focus on the hands specifically you are able to use them as body scrubs. If you have dry hands the scrub acts like a hydrating moisturizer creating smooth skin. It's great for a stay at home pampering night, when you want to treat yourself to a manicure, you can use the hand scrub beforehand to give soft hands before painting your nails.