Pureology have created some of the best and most well-loved hair care products, specifically designed for hair that’s been colour treated. Their products will be able to provide the same hair nourishing qualities to colour treated hair, as any other premium brand, but without affecting the brilliance of your hairs colour.

They give you the power to care for your hair whilst safe in the knowledge that once your hair is rinsed and dried, it will look refreshed, healthy, and with the same great eye-catching colour.

Starting back in 2001 in the ever-sunny American state of California, their products quickly became hugely popular with stylists and customers alike. All these years later and their product range has grown near immeasurably.

They offer up sprays that can add volume and texture, treatments that will put an end to split ends, masks that will control frizz, and an abundance of other high-quality products that will hydrate, moisturise, condition, restore, refresh, and rejuvenate, all whilst maintaining the brilliance of your colour treated hair.

Providing the best loving treatment is at the heart of pureology’s philosophy so it’s only natural that they design and develop all their products with loving health and purity in mind. You won't find any nasties in any of their products, which, might I add, all use 100% vegan formulas.

They’ve also included aromatherapy fragrances in each bottle, to ensure your mind and soul enjoy their products as much as your hair does.