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Dr. Hauschka

Dr Hauschka are known for their sustainable, ethical and of course NATRUE Certified practices. The brand was established over 50 years ago and continued to amaze us with their use of botanicals, essential oils and organic ingredients that make up dr hauschka products. Skincare is a constantly growing idea with more and more brands going down this path. From make-up to body oil there is a range designed for the most common skin types and skin conditions we face on a daily basis. Breaking their ranges up into colours, Red is bath and body products, Yellow skincare, purple mature skin, they make it easy to identify what exactly is right for you.

The brands best selling product is the Rose Nurturing Body Cream 145ml. Suitable for all skin types, night and day this body lotion works to support the skins natural defenses. Formulated with rose wax, rose essential oil and rose extracts you can't deny this beautifully scented body care product is a must have.

If roses aren't for you why not try the range of body oils. Designed for specific needs there is something to suit all. If you're an active person who struggles to sit still give the Birch Arnica Energising Body Oil. Designed to soothe tired muscles and help your body to repair after a busy day. Perhaps you're the opposite of that? Lemongrass is known for its uplifting scent, Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil 75ml will help your mind and body awaken with every use. Dr Hauschka body oil are the perfect moisturisers, for best results use straight after the shower and inhale the aromas.

Having an uneven complexion can shine through and interrupt your makeup or skincare routine. Dr Hauschka facial toner is made with anthyllis, calendula and nasturtium to minimise excess oil and calm irritation. Not only does this toner balance your skin but reduce enlarged pores and can prevent blackheads when used with a cleanser. Clarifying Toner 100ml uses organic wheat alcohol meaning there are no harsh chemicals to irriate the skin further and a little goes a long way with a bottle lasting on average 2-3 months.

Putting the focus back onto bodycare products, have you tried Dr Hauschka's natural anti fungal deodorants? In a range of scents one of our best sellers is the Sage and Mint Deodorant. Mint deodorant may be a new idea to some but the fresh scent leaves your underarms feeling refreshed all day!

With a range of lip care, hair care and day creams available what are you waiting for? find your next skincare must have on Calissa!