Natural Haircare



For shampoos that give your hair the deepest cleanse, conditioners that give your hair unbeatable shine, and Oils, Serums, Masks, and Sprays that will protect, restore, volume, texturize, and nourish your hair better than anything else on the market, we’ll always tell you that you need to go natural and organic.

You need to use hair care products that use the very best ingredients nature has to offer. Ingredients that can nourish your hair effectively without introducing any negative side effects.

This is why we’ve introduced this Organic and natural hair care page to our haircare section on Calissa. Here you’ll be able to find all the products that will help you to keep your hair nourished and radiant with naturally, ethically, and sustainably sourced ingredients that are developed with natural and organic methods. Products that care for you and mother earth at the same time.

Natural and organic ingredients like Rahua Oil, used extensively by Rahua, which is sourced from the Amazon Rainforest using the same ethical and traditional methods used by Amazonian tribes for hundreds of years. This miracle Oil has been shown to rejuvenate, strengthen, and protect damaged hair and also provide skin with long-lasting nourishing benefits.

You’ll also find companies like A’kin, Intelligent Nutrients, Pureology, Dr Alkaitis, and Acure using a plethora of natural fruit and plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamin-rich actives to give you the very best haircare that is free from Parabens, sulfates and anything that will detract from your natural and organic inspired haircare, or from mother earth.