Wild Nutrition



Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition was founded by Henrietta Norton who suffered with chronic Edometriosis and was told that she would never have children. She went to see a nutritional therapist who specialised in female health, she changed her diet and it changed her life. She is now a mother of three and keen to help others overcome their obstacles in life. She became a nutritional practitioner and then became a nutrition supplement formulator and so Wild Nutrition was born.

What sets Wild Nutrition apart from everyone else is their use of specialised FOOD-GROWN® technology. The use of this technology has shown that nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are better absorbed and retained by the body, meaning that Wild Nutrition's supplements require lower doses than most synthetically made supplements available on the market.

Since starting the brand Henrietta has heard from hundreds of women who have overcome conditions and improved their wellbeing by trying Wild Nutrition. Learn more about her story here.