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Skin & Tonic: Made with Spirit

As well as a solid brand name and tagline, Skin and Tonic have also come up with a crazy idea to do with skincare. This crazy idea being that skincare doesn't have to be complicated.

You don’t need to flood a skincare product with parabens, mineral oils, dioxins, and other bad ingredients. You don’t need to promote gender stereotypes and divisions, or use cheap labour.

Skin & Tonic have developed their own range of skincare products. And they did it simply and ethically. They also did it very well.

Their skincare range will nourish and care for your skin. Each of their products can provide a range of benefits to all the areas of your body. From moisturising hands that are dehydrated and dry. To brightening complexions that are dull and in need of a boost.

Skin & Tonic's skincare products support small farms and producers. By sourcing ingredients from smaller operations, they are ensuring they are getting the purest ingredients, free from harmful additives, and supporting local communities, not multinational corporations.

Skin & Tonic's skincare products use only 7 natural and organic ingredients, from sustainable sources. With these 7 natural ingredients that managed to create skincare products that work fantastically. And by sourcing these powerful ingredients from sustainable sources, they can be sure to rely on their nourishing powers for many many years to come.