For all natural hair care fanatics, equipping yourself with a good quality brush is imperative. We all know brushing can help tame hair, getting rid of knots and flyaways but brushing can also cleanse your hair by brushing away waste materials that get caught in there throughout the day. Brushing can condition and strengthen your hair by better distributing natural sebum oil your body creates. It can also help prevent hair loss by massaging the scalp, boosting blood flow and circulation.

But for these benefits, you can't just use any old hairbrush. You need to invest in the best quality styling tools. Ones that use the best quality material and have the most effective designs and features. Whilst each may offer different benefits and haircare action, each offers the best possible experience and nourishment for your hair.

We have a wide selection of the unrivaled Denman brushes including the small gentle D76 Curling Brush which is perfect for styling and smoothing all lengths of hair. For those wanting a larger brush there is the D83 Large Paddle Brush. Perfectly balanced and resistant to chemicals this brush is ideal for grooming your hair into a professional finish. If detangling is what you're looking for then you need to get your hands on the D90L Tangle Tamer. Available in a wide range of colours, this is the perfect tool for long thick hair and it can also be used on hair extensions or wigs.

Choosing the right hair tool is just as important as getting the best shampoo and conditioner. Take a look for yourself and discover a hair brush and comb perfect for your hair care from some of the best sellers out there. With everything from cushion brushes to detangling brushes you'll be sure to find a product to suit every hair type from our professional quality range. We also sell round brush, boar bristle brush styling brush, wet brush, detangling comb, tail comb, tangle teezer, vent brush and so many other hair brushes and combs that are perfect for curly hair, are perfect for using with styling products. We sell hair combs and brushes that are perfect for curling irons and blow dryers, that have a thicker plastic so that it doesn't melt.

We also have a selection of straightening brush, blow drying brush, thermal round brush, detangler brush, boar bristle hair brush, teasing brush, paddle hair brush and so many other different types of hair brushes that it's hard to pick one. The hairbrush also depends on the hairstyles that are being done. To figure out the best hair styling tools you need to find the right hairbrush, if you want a quick brush that is able to get the most coverage then a round hair brush would best best however if you want a hair brush that is good for fine hair then a tangle tamer would be better.