Hair Accessories

Senscience Pump Cream Large
Senscience Pump Cream Large

Hair accessories are the perfect way to cause some serious hair envy. Whether it's a hair clip, headband/hairband, hair pin, hair tie or a hair scrunchie you can let your locks do the talking.

The incredibly popular Invisibobble Hair rings are the sure way to say goodbye to kinks and headaches - in fact you won't even notice you're wearing one! Normal elastic bobbles apply large pressure to a small area, causing discomfort and damaging your hair. The innovative spiral design of Invisibobble spreads this pressure out across a much larger area, making having your hair back considerably more comfortable. Modern and fancy hair do's can be easily and quickly achieved for any occasion with no need for hair clips or bobby pins. It comes with not one but multiple bands that are similar to a faux pearl/rhinestone colour. The days of getting your alice band stuck in your hair and then ripping out half your hair with your wide headband is over, with the invisibobble it is so easy to tie your hair up, with the no knot headband it makes it nearly impossible to become knotted and have a near cut experience. Doesn't the hair slide? No. It doesn't the specific material means that it doesn't knot your hair but it doesn't slide off your hair either. This is definitely one to add to your wishlist.