Colour therapy, gemstones, and cosmetic science. Three different types of intensive care and beautifying therapy coming together in one package under the name Prismologie. How has no-one thought of this before?

Prismologie started small but have grown very very big over the first few years of their life, winning awards for everything from products to branding. And it’s not hard to see why.

Each of their products offer the best combination of active ingredients to provide wonderful nourishing and cleansing properties. Each also use a bespoke combination of gemstones, potent fragrances, and are branded with a colour that best represents their therapeutic powers.

White for clarity. Complete with Diamond and graceful scents of Neroli

Yellow for confidence. Complete with Citrine and scents of energising Bergamot

Pink for comfort. Complete with Rose Quartz and scents of sumptuous Rose

Green for serenity. Complete with Jade and scents of balancing Vetiver

Red for Vigour. Complete with Ruby and scents of warming Cedarwood

Indigo for stillness. Complete with sapphire and scents of calming Oud

Within their diverse range of products, you’ll find lotions that will hydrate and moisturize skin for a soft supple feeling. Oils that will detoxify and bring youthfulness back to your appearance. And hand creams that will exfoliate for even skin tones and provide strong protection.

As well as providing all this goodness to you, they provide the same level of goodness to the world around us. All Prismologies products are completely free of SLS and parabens. Their award-winning packaging is recyclable, using only FSC and World Land Trust certified cardboard and reusable glass. And not one of their products are tested on animals.