Mane 'n Tail

Mane ‘n Tail

Mane ‘n Tail has gained a cult following in the beauty industry for providing haircare solutions for longer, stronger, fuller, thicker hair. Mane ‘n Tail originally started out as a shampoo and conditioner for horses. However, it soon became a hit with people. It started with one horse owner, who then got others into it, and Mane ‘n Tail became the best kept secret amongst hair aficionados in the equestrian community.

The formula Mane ‘n Tail uses in its shampoo contains high lathering and ultra cleansing agents, fortified with moisturisers and emollients, designed to leave show horse’s mains soft, clean, and nourished. Their conditioner features micro-enriched protein formulas to prevent breakage and split ends in the hairs that make up a horse's main. Turns out they work extra well on human hair.