Invisibobble Blush Hour Traceless Hair Rings
Invisibobble Blush Hour Traceless Hair Rings
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The Invisibobble idea was created by Sophie, she came up with the idea while at university and with the help of German Technicians, she was able to launch the first invisibobble in 2012. Now invisibobble has become international and is available in over 70 countries. The invisibobble leaves no kinks and doesn’t tangle with your hair, they are even perfect for kids. The invisibobble is one of the first spiral shaped hair bands that have ever been created. Invisbobble is one of the revolutionary hair tools that solves all of the simple problems, no more knots in the hair, no more struggling to take your hair band out and then when you do no hair will be dragged out with it. When the bobble becomes too stretchy, you can easily pop it in some hot water and soon enough it will go back to it's original waste. You no longer have to waste money throwing away hair bands that are full with knotted hair, or wait for the elastics to break.