Marvis Black Toothbrush
Marvis Black Toothbrush
Most people are focused on whitening their teeth however it is the actual oral health of your teeth that is most important and something as simple as a toothbrush is a really important part of your dental care, you have to remember to brush up to the gum line, to floss and you have to make sure that your brush heads don't have loose bristles otherwise it means that you have a soft toothbrush and your oral hygiene wont be as good as you think. You want a firm toothbrush and we have a selection of manual toothbrushes that help with sensitive teeth. We also have travel case toothbrushes perfect for going away. Our toothbrushes aren't battery toothbrushes they are manual toothbrushes made from bamboo with nylon bristles, you can have soft bristles as long as the whole toothbrush isn't soft. We have medium toothbrushes and we have toothbrushes perfect for travelling. Toothbrush heads are so important which is why a lot of people use electric toothbrushes, so they can buy just the heads instead of the whole brush again, however this isn't any better for the environment as buying a cheap toothbrush, so we have a bamboo toothbrush (interdental) that once you've finished using you can recycle. We also have a wide selection of toothpaste as well, in different flavors, and in travel sizes perfect for a toiletries bag.